I’ve delivered, attended and organised a fair bit of talks, workshops and trainings throughout the years. Here’s a selection of:


  • Why you should care about data-centric AI, PyData London 2022 [link]
  • Data-centric AI competition, NeurIPS 2021 [link]
  • Serious Time for Time Series (it’s time to take time series seriously!), PyCon US 2021 [link], PyData Berlin 2022, AMLD 2022
  • Unpacking the “Black Box”: How to Interpret your Machine Learning Model, Applied Machine Learning Days 2022
  • Equivariance in CNNs, PyData Berlin/PyCon DE 2019 [link]
  • An Alternative to Data Augmentation, PyData Amsterdam 2019 lightning talk
  • Data-efficiency in Medical AI, PyData Amsterdam 2019 meetup
  • Towards learning with limited labels: Equivariance, Invariance, and Beyond, International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2019


  • w/ Guido van Rossum (creator Python), PyData Festival 2020 [link]
  • w/ Adrin Jalali (scikit-learn core developer), PyData Festival 2020 [link]



I’ve created, upgraded and delivered a variety of trainings at various companies for GoDataDriven. Often this involved creating new material on demand or adjusting existing material to suit the clients’ needs. Some past clients include DSM, Ahold, bol.com, KNAW, ING, and many others. Anything marked with an asterix (*) is a training I’ve contributed significantly to.

  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Data Science with Python (*)
  • Advanced Data Science with Python (*)
  • Advanced Python (*)
  • Production-Ready Machine Learning (*)
  • Clean Coding, Version Control and CI/CD
  • Unsupervised Learning (*)
  • Explainability/Interpretability (*)
  • Data Visualisation & Storytelling
  • Deep Learning for Image Processing (*)
  • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing (*)


PyData Amsterdam committee at the 2019 conference in the conference ballpit!