Interview - Guido van Rossum.
Creator of the Python programming language. Interview co-hosted with Nelson Mooren.
[link to interview]

Interview - Adrin Jalali.
Core developer Scikit-Learn. Interview co-hosted with Matthijs Brouns.

Panel Discussion - WaiDATATHON.
Panel discussion with Maarten Sukel, Wilder Rodrigues and Judit Szaffenauer on trends and challenges in data science. Moderated by Elizabeth Adams.

Talk - Deep Learning in Practice
Introductory talk on deep learning for Xebia Academy Webinar Week.
[link to talk]


Talk - PyCon DE & PyData Berlin.
Equivariance in CNNs: how generalising the weight-sharing property increases data-efficiency.
[link to talk]

Podcast - de Dataloog
Reflection on eHealth meetup and the barriers and do’s and don’t of AI in healthcare.
[link to podcast]

Talk - PyData @ TomTom HQ.
Meetup on data challenges. Talk on data challenges in the medical domain and how to solve them w.r.t. medical imaging.

Lightning Talk - PyData Amsterdam.
Alternative for data augmentation for image-related tasks.


Talk - International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).
Towards learning with limited labels: Equivariance, Invariance, and Beyond (workshop at ICML/FAIM).

Talk - Medical Imaging & Deep Learning (MIDL).
3D G-CNNs for Pulmonary Nodule Detection.
[link to video] - [link to paper] - [link to journal article]

Talk - Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence (BNAIC).
Challenge Balancing for a Kanji E-Tutoring System.
[link to article]

PyData Festival 2020 (co-chair)

A week-long online festival to serve as an alternative to the IRL conference. Each day had a dedicated theme (Engineering, Fairness & Data, Open Source, Python, Applications) and sessions during breakfast (tutorials/workshops), lunch (panels, interviews, sprint preparation sessions) and after dinner (talks).

Highlights include: interviews with the creator of Python (Guido van Rossum), core developer of Scikit Learn (Adrin Jalali), release managers of Python 3.8/3.9 (Łukasz Langa) and Python 3.10/3.11 (Pablo Galindo Salgado) and a Pandas sprint lead by a Pandas maintainer (Marco Gorelli).

[conference website] - [YouTube playlist]

PyData Amsterdam 2019 (co-chair)

A three-day conference hosted at GoDataDriven and Booking.com HQ. The conference in numbers: 2 keynotes, 4 tutorials, 30 talks, 45 speakers, >350 attendees, 11 sponsors, 1 ballpit.

[conference website] - [YouTube playlist]